Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rate it or Slate it?

I've noticed a lot of girls rocking these jackets and there is a wide selection of them available in shades of khaki, navy and black on the High Street. The jacket pictured above comes from Topshop.

These jackets remind me of something a Sloane Girl (think Victoria Hervey, TPT, Kate Middleton) would wear.

It's a very preppy, almost twee look but it's definitely a trend that's catching on as so many girls are wearing them at the moment. Whilst I can just about cope with the revival of brogues, harem pants etc....I think this might be one trend too far for me!

What are you thoughts?

Rate it or slate it?


  1. Definately depends on what you wear it with!!and where!!...anyone for some shooting?!

  2. That sounds jolly good! Let me just fetch the greyhounds!

  3. I think a very tall willowy blonde type could get away with it whereas I'd just look like someone's Auntie Frances!( No offence to actual Aunt Franceses)