Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Olivia effect...

As regular readers of mylittleblogdress will know, I'm slightly obsessed with Ms. Palermo's style for two reasons namely: 

1. She rarely gets it wrong and always looks immaculately groomed. (Ok that's 2 reasons)
2. She wears High Street, making her look attainable for the masses.

In relation to the latter,I came across this gorgeous oversized bag during my lunch break the other day and subsequently found this picture of Olivia Palermo with same.
It is a large tote/shopper bag from Zara and is priced at €119.00. It is the perfect accessory for a weekend break or a stylish alternative to canvas bags for shopping trips! 

If you fancy channelling some downtown New Yorker chic, hop down to Zara and pick this bag up in either tan, red or beige.  

Credit: Zimbio Pictures and Zara

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