Wednesday, 18 May 2011

God Save Her Style

Whatever your personal or political views are about  Queen Elizabeth II's visit to our fair Isle,  one cannot deny her style!

The Queen arrived dressed in a green (rather appropriately I might add) and turquoise dress with a green dress coat and hat for her first historic visit to the Republic of Ireland.

She later changed into a cream dress and coat with floral detail in a moss green (I see a theme emerging) and accessorised with her usual black gloves, shoes and handbag. Her hat finished off the look nicely.

One cannot help but wonder whether the colours chosen for the Queen's visit were deliberate insofar as green is associated with Ireland and cream is symbolic of peace but whatever her reasons were behind her outfits, one cannot but salute her Majesty's royal style!

Credit: Zimbio Pictures
           Evening Herald 17/05/11

1 comment:

  1. I definitely think the colours were chosen deliberately, I liked her green outfit today with flash of pink in her hat, as you say much more interesting than our President's boring matchy-matchy offerings and the black dress today. Think it's very cute that she is accidentally rocking the retro hand bag trend!